Beautiful but deadly, only the buds can be consumed. Known for its curative properties.
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The Desert Spore is a type of post-apocalypse flora and an ingredient used to create engineering items in RAGE. It is the only plant that doesn't regrow over time and is solely used in the creation of the permanent health-increasing Apophis Infusion, making it an especially valuable commodity in the game.

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There are 13 Desert Spores located throughout the Wasteland in RAGE.
  • Two will be rewarded for completing the quest "Miracle Cure".
  • Two can be found in the crater behind the Swamp.
  • To the left of the Mutant Bash TV entrance, near the freeway ramp.
  • About six feet to the South-southeast of the Wellspring Sewers entrance, close to a nearby large rock.
  • At the Watch Tower, by the northwest corner.
  • Near the mailbox in the Kvasir's Chasm.
  • At the mailbox on the dead-end jump near Wellspring.
  • At the mailbox on the dead-end on the upper ledge about half-way between the Watch Tower and the Authority Prison.
  • Under the bridge to Subway Town, on the right past the sandbags. Look under the first girder next to rock partly obscured by a weed.
  • Near the Abandoned Distillery entrance through the cave. After trail curves left, look left past gear on the ground before a Mixom barrel.
  • Near the Power Plant entrance, at the right of the ramp.

Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC[]

One Desert Spore is added with the Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC.

The Scorchers DLC[]

A total of 4 Desert Spores are added with the The Scorchers DLC.
  • In the Scorchers' main base, right after climbing the first set of narrow stairs near Stew (the game will warn you to save), turn right opposite the main stairs' entrance and search down below to find all four.


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