"Deadly Delivery" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Carlson in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Hijacked Well" and the mini quest "Talk to Carlson".


I don't know what that Toxin is, but I know it isn't safe.
Either way, we can't let it fall into the wrong hands. It's a lot to ask, but can you take the Toxin to Dr. Kvasir? He'll know what to do with it.
Be careful, and thanks again for your help.


  • Take the Toxin to Dr. Kvasir


Tip: Before you leave Wellspring, talk to Jacob in "Second Chance" and accept the side quest "Finding Feltrite" that is now available.
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The task might prove to be not as simple as it seems. After you talk to Carlson, head out of Wellspring and follow the small dots on your minimap. A Feltrite Tempest event will be announced when you leave the Wellspring Entrance, so speed up and try to pick up as many Feltrite Crystals as you can.

Once you leave the Shrouded Territory and enter the Scorcher Territory, a Vehicle Combat event will be initiated. If you were thorough and completed every Vehicle Combat event in the area previously, this time it will be the level 4 event "Hellfire". Destroy the four hostile vehicles, and you'll be rewarded with $200, not to mention that you'll once again complete the quest "Sally's Bounty" as well.

When done, simply continue to the Kvasir's Chasm and enter his Kvasir's Lab. Hand him the toxin. It turns out that the toxin is the very thing he needed to complete his research on the Mind Control Bolts. Wait till he finishes the research, and you'll be given a few of those, the schematic along with the ingredients required, and the quest "Secret Delivery". Accept the quest and return to Wellspring to see Elizabeth Cadence.

Note that this is the last main storyline quest in the Northern Wasteland that doesn't involve the Resistance.