Once a booming metropolis, the Dead City has truly fallen and those who enter never return. Talk of Authority research gone terribly wrong has stoked rumors about recent sightings of mutants the size of skyscrapers.

The Dead City is a location featured in RAGE. It is primarily occupied by mutants, but the Authority appears there later in the game. It consists of three areas: Dead City Streets, Dead City Central and Dead City Hospital.


The name of this long-abandoned city is lost to memory. It was once a booming metropolis, a thriving center of commerce and culture. A large wall surrounds the city, effectively isolating it from the outside world; the only access is through the long-forgotten sewers, which are narrow and dangerous. Once inside, one finds a place as dismal and desolate as any in every suspense story ever told.

Signs of decay are everywhere, from the cracked and crumbling infrastructure to the rusting hulks of vehicles that sit forgotten in the broken streets. The desert climate of the outside world has overtaken the wall, and immense sand drifts sit nestled against the bases of the neglected buildings. A silence so complete hangs over everything and lends the environment an air of suspense so impenetrable that even a wind-tossed weed rolling past or the snap of a dry twig can make even the most experienced explorers and adventurers twitch.

Past the crumbling suburbs is the decayed remains of a once vibrant and bustling community. The shifting sands have stripped street and traffic signs of any indication of past function, and the lack of significant landmarks makes navigation almost impossible. Of those who enter the city for one reason or another, most get lost in the maze of unmarked lanes and alleys, as almost every building looks like the one before. Many others have succumbed to exhaustion from climbing over piles of rubble and the knowledge that every corner is a potential death trap.

Also, it's a well-known fact that the city is populated by packs of mutants both large and small, hoarding everything valuable they find, either from the environment or from victims. There are many locked doors that lead to rooms which may contain items of value or use, such as ammo, medical supplies and objects useful for sale or trade. In some places there are rare items of extreme value, such as cases of clean drinking water, stocks of food, tools, gasoline and oil, engineering supplies, even Feltrite Crystals.

Also, rumors abound that some hideous monstrosity roams the streets.



Dead City Streets[]

Dead City Central[]


A panoramic view of the Dead City