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This is President Davis. You, the Ark volunteers, are mankind's last hope, our survival. Our very existence rests in your hands. No one will know what you will find when you awake, but remember you and the contents of these Arks will form the final barrier to the extinction of mankind. Our prayers go with you, and Godspeed.
President Davis

President Davis is a character mentioned in RAGE. He was was the president of the United States of America around the time when 99942 Apophis hit. His prerecorded message to survivors was left in every Ark capsule for them to hear before venturing out into the wastes.

It is unknown if Davis was also inside an Ark and, if so, what happened to him. In case if he was supposed to enter the so called "Super Ark" that was taken over by general Martin Cross and his associates, he most likely died outside when Apophis hit the planet.


  • There is a continuity problem between the book and the game. The game features a message from president Davis before Nicholas Raine leaves the Ark, whereas the book claims the president was a woman, president Campbell, who took shelter in the presidential bunker as Apophis approached Earth, surrounded by soldiers to keep the desperate crowds out.