"Dan's Message" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Dan Hagar in the Hagar Settlement. It is available after completing the quest "Destroy the Barricade".


There's one more thing I need you to do.
Our Supplies are running low, and Mayor Clayton over in Wellspring to the East has promised us help. Take this letter and show it to Mayor Clayton; bring back whatever Supplies he gives you. Try and remember you ain't got any guns on that buggy.
You help us one last time, and I'll make sure Mayor Clayton takes care of you.


  • Take Dan's message to Mayor Clayton in Wellspring
    • Drive South and East to Wellspring
    • Talk to the Wellspring Guard
    • Enter Wellspring
    • Locate the Mayor's Office
    • Give Mayor Clayton Dan's Message


The blocked path
Welcome to Wellspring!

After accepting the quest, jump into your buggy and head east, following the mini-map line of direction. Avoid any bandit vehicles on your way there and use boost liberally to get there as fast as you can, since right now, you do not have a weapon on your vehicle.

If you feel like fighting, you can:

  • Snipe gunners in minigun nests.
  • Ram minigun nests.
  • Use your vehicle's speed boost to ram enemy vehicles till they explode.
  • If you can find enough cover, you can get out of your vehicle and patiently shoot enemy vehicles till they explode, although this will require about a hundred pistol bullets per car.

Don't bother to explore Northern Wasteland, as the larger part of it is inaccessible for now, and all that you'll find is a good old roadblock.

Once at Wellspring, jump out of the car and speak to Solomon, who'll check with the Mayor and then let you in, with an advise to try keeping to yourself. The Mayor's office is directly in front you when you enter Wellspring, so head up the stairs, enter and speak to Mayor Clayton to complete the mission and immediately start the next one, "Changing Clothes".