Thought to be derelict and deserted, the remnants of this once proud engineering marvel now house a rough'n'rowdy group of motorheads appropriately named the Wasted.

The Dam Facility is a location featured in RAGE. It is found in the Northern Wasteland within the Ark Emergence territory. This is where the Ark 437a emerged carrying the sole survivor, Nicholas Raine, in the Omega 5 cryogenic pod. Dan Hagar saved the protagonist and have taken him to the nearby Hagar Settlement.

The area houses the remnants of a once proud engineering marvel, but is now home to a gang known as the Wasted Clan. The entrance to their holdout, the Wasted Garage, is located there.

This is where the first available Field Goal is found. The Ark Area Sewers entrance is located nearby, guarded by Steiger. Also, the area near the Dam Facility is featured in some of the races available in the Northern Wasteland.

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