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A cyber crusher with soldiers of the authorities

The Cyber Crusher (Cyber Breaker) is an armored and cybernetic version of the crusher in RAGE 2. The Authority have trained these gigantic Mutants to fight and with the help of their modern technology have made them even more deadly enemies.


The blue nanotrite shield on the chest of the crusher must be destroyed in order to expose two nanotrite cell weak points that slide out of the apparatus on the crusher's back. These must be individually destroyed, usually requiring 5-6 knockdowns.

The Smart Rocket Launcher one-shots the front shield, and can hit both nanotrite cells on the back at once. Firing a single shot as the crusher gets up, dashing behind, and firing two rounds into the back mount cycles the get-up/knockdown quite nicely. Using Overdrive while firing into the back (wait until after the initial knockdown, so as not to waste Overdrive time) and performing the cycle can drop the crusher in sub-30 seconds.