"Cuprino Needed" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Sheriff Black in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Wellspring Bound" and mini quest "Visit the Sheriff".


Got a problem, and I believe you might be the man for the job.
But first, you need to get your hand on a Cuprino, and the easiest way is to win one. Try Jackie Weeks over by the track entrance. He can set you up with just the right race.
Come back when you have the right wheels, alright?


  • Win a Cuprino in the races
    • Speak with Jackie Weeks about a Cuprino
    • Get a Sponsorship from J.K. Stiles
    • Show the Certificate of Sponsorship to Jackie Weeks
    • Win the Dusty 8 Sponsored Event
    • Return to Sheriff Black


For additional information, see Dusty 8 Sponsorship and Win the Dusty 8.

After you complete the mini quest "Visit the Sheriff" and accept this quest, head to the Wellspring Speedway entrance and speak to Jackie Weeks. Complete the quests "Dusty 8 Sponsorship" and "Mutant Bash TV" and return to Wellspring.

Speak to Jackie Weeks again, accept the quest "Win the Dusty 8" and enter the Dusty 8 Sponsored Event to win a Cuprino. When done, return to Sheriff Black to complete this quest and pick up the "Resupply the Watch Tower" mission.