The Cuprino is a vehicle featured in RAGE. It is the most recognized vehicle in the Wasteland. Cuprinos are usually driven by the Wellspring Speedway star racers, and the bandits are also known to use Cuprinos on occasion, especially in the Eastern Wasteland. It can enter the Cuprino class races.

The Cuprino is an all-purpose armored vehicle capable of carrying both the Miniguns and Rocket Launchers at the same time, allowing the player to switch between the weapon sets at any time. It also has an upgradable battering ram attached. By default, the Cuprino has double the boost duration of the buggies.

In the Campaign, it is only available after completing the quests "Win the Dusty 8" and "Cuprino Needed".

It should be noted that the Cuprino is driven by Nicholas Raine longer than any other vehicle during his time in the Wasteland, as he starts using it when he begins Sheriff Black's quests and uses it until he's given a Monarch, although the players are not forced to convert over to the Monarch.


Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Suspension Standard.png C3C Standard Standard issue Cuprino suspension is better than nothing, but not very much.
Rage Dune Buster Suspension Sport.png C3C Sport The smoothest Cuprino ride possible. 35
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Tires Standard.png Standard Standard Cuprino tires with just enough tread to keep you moving.
Rage Dune Buster Tires Standard Spiked.png Standard Spiked These standard Cuprino tires come with spikes for extra intimidation and defense! 20
Rage Dune Buster Tires Performance.png Performance The performance series provides the best control and turning radius for the Cuprino. 25
Rage Dune Buster Tires Performance Spiked.png Performance Spiked All the traction of the performance series meets all the attitude of spikes! 30
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Cuprino Armor basic.png Basic The entry level armor kit for the Cuprino. It's better than nothing.
Rage Cuprino Armor medium.png Medium The Cuprino's medium armor boasts the same weight as the basic armor but twice the protection. 15
Rage Cuprino Armor heavy.png Heavy Cuprino heavy armor is crafted with Feltrite making it the lightest heavy armor around. 25
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Weapons none.png None You have no ramming grill! Avoid head-on collisions.
Rage Cuprino Grill Hammer.png Hammer Aptly named, this grill hammers enemy vehicles into little pieces. 15
Rage Cuprino Grill Magnum.png Magnum The big boy of ramming grills.
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Themes Second hand.png Second Hand A no frills basic Cuprino paint theme.
Rage Cuprino Theme Orange.png Orange A classic Wastelander look. 5
Rage Cuprino Theme Patrol.png Patrol Smells like bacon… anyone want donuts? 5
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Engine L4 Beetle.png V8 The entry level Cuprino V8 engine meets minimum racing standards, but not much more.
Rage Dune Buster Engine V6 Thunder.png V10 The largest engine available for the Cuprino. Get where you're going fast! 45
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow.png C3C Evenflow 2x The Cuprino mid-level boost lasts twice as long as the standard boost!
Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow 2x.png C3C Evenflow Max The maximum boost available for the Cuprino. Hold on tight! 30



Second Hand Theme[]

Patrol Theme[]

Orange Theme[]