Crimson Elite Armor CrimsonEliteArmor.png
The best of all worlds! This suit combines all the characteristics of the Wastelander, Roughneck, and Fabricator.
In-game description

The Crimson Elite Armor is one of the outfits featured in RAGE which increases the protagonist's defence. It first came with pre-order copies of RAGE, known as the Anarchy Edition. Players get to select their armor when they reach Wellspring. If they have activated the Anarchy Edition, the Crimson Elite will be the fourth option of outfit. If they download the Anarchy Edition after selecting an outfit type, they will be automatically upgraded to the Crimson Elite Armor.

It is the most sought-after outfit in the Wasteland. Constructed of hardened plate armor, this gear was created specifically to withstand the toughest Wasteland battles, and be the most convenient in terms of usage and storage. It also features larger component storage, allowing the protagonist to carry more parts that will aid in the fabrication of advanced engineering items. The armor combines the effects of all three other available outfits — overall protection, an engineering bonus, and even store discounts.


The light and medium armor upgrades can be bought from Coffer in the "Outfitters" right after choosing the armor, and the heavy upgrade will be available from Jani in the "Jani's Supplies" after the protagonist reaches Subway Town.

The light upgrade adds basic armor plating and goggles, the medium upgrade thickens the plate protection and adds headguards, and the heavy upgrade adds another layer of armor and a helmet on top of the extra goggles, maxing the head protection.