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Crescent City, as seen from the Eastern Wasteland

Crescent City is a location featured in RAGE. It is found within the Eastern Wasteland. Crescent City was a thriving metropolis before 99942 Apophis hit. Much like the Dead City in the Northern Wasteland, it's been taken over by mutants since and is now just a slumbering ruin.

Its only known buildings are a few unnamed skyscrapers, an old bank that now functions as the Gearhead Vault, and a diverse system of subway tunnels that now house Subway Town and the mutant infested Blue Line Station. Nicholas Raine can only visit the bank vault, during the quest "Gearhead Vault" and the Job Board quest "Help Wanted".


  • Despite its similarities with the Dead City, the player never gets a chance to actually go into the dilapidated city in a manner similar to the Dead City.
  • Crescent City could be related to the the real-life Crescent City in either California or Florida, as both cities are close to large bodies of water, hence the large ships seen in-game.