Crazy Joe is a character featured in RAGE. He lives in a small shack near the Swamp and the impact crater behind it. As his name suggests, Crazy Joe is out of mind, although only to a rather small extent.

He wears a helmet resembling a giant fly's head and is extremely afraid of mutants. Upon interacting with him, he will tell Nicholas Raine that there are some unique post-impact plants growing in the Swamp and the crater which have unusual effects.

After depleting his dialogue options, he will say that he and the protagonist have nothing to talk about and will ignore Nicholas from this point on.


  • He claims to exist in times before the Authority when the asteroid struck and called it "crazy times," although it is highly unlikely because the 99942 Apophis struck more than a hundred years ago.
  • His radio appears to be tuned to some other station than the Wasteland Radio heard throughout the Northern Wasteland and plays Home on the Range, though repeating only one verse.


  • Crazy Joe himself is an Easter egg because he wears a Doom 3 shirt, an obvious shout-out to the previous id Software title.


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