"Comet Bloom" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Norbu in Subway Town. It is available after taking the quest "Foreman Jones".


Can you help an old man like myself?
My muscles and joints are making it harder for me to walk these days, but I heard about a plant called Comet Bloom. I hear chewing it makes the pain go away. Problem is, I ain't got no way of getting it; the stuff grows near impact Craters like those way North of here in Gearhead Territory.
You find me some Comet Bloom, and I'll give you something you can use.


  • Gather Comet Bloom for Norbu's pain medicine


Normally, the player is likely to have the plant already, and the quest will be completed immediately with the "Requirements already met" message. Otherwise, they should head North of Subway Town, then to the right and North again and follow a narrow path. Once at a fork, the Jackal Canyon is to the right, and the gate to the Authority lift to the left. One or two plants (they seem not to grow simultaneously) will be on the right when the player drives to the gates, and another one is hidden behind some rocks to the left.