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Ghost Hideout

Rage Comet Bloom Authority gates

Ravine gates

“Mutated cactus flora. Used in regenerative medicines.”

Comet Bloom is a type of post-apocalypse flora featured in RAGE. It is a quest item and ingredient used to create engineering items. Like Night Blossom, it will grow back periodically through the course of the Campaign.



  • Given as a part of the reward for completing the side quest "Abandoned Distillery".
  • One can be found by entrance to the Ghost Hideout right as you first start descending towards bridge, by the pavement to the right. (A glitch is possible after completing the Job Board quest "Missing Person": if the player picks up the plant and re-enters the Ghost hideout, it respawns every time they exit the hideout.)
  • Three can be found by the ravine gates the player has to blow open to get to the Authority lift in the rocks on both sides.
  • One can be found in the Southern Sewers; once you enter head left on platform after killing 3 mutants and go through tunnel, its immediately to the left next to the column (this was done during the clean up mission).