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Ghost Hideout

Rage Comet Bloom Authority gates

Ravine gates

“Mutated cactus flora. Used in regenerative medicines.”

Comet Bloom is a type of post-apocalypse flora featured in RAGE. It is a quest item and ingredient used to create engineering items. Like Night Blossom, it will grow back periodically through the course of the Campaign.



  • Given as a part of the reward for completing the side quest "Abandoned Distillery".
  • One can be found by entrance to the Ghost Hideout right as you first start descending towards bridge, by the pavement to the right. A glitch is possible after completing the Job Board quest "Missing Person": if the player picks up the plant and re-enters the Ghost hideout, it respawns every time they exit the hideout.
  • Three can be found by the ravine gates the player has to blow open to get to the Authority lift in the rocks on both sides.
  • One can be found in the Southern Sewers; once you enter head left on platform after killing 3 mutants and go through tunnel, its immediately to the left next to the column (this was done during the clean up mission).
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