The Combat Shotgun is an effective short range weapon with a slow rate of fire featured in RAGE. The shotgun uses three types of ammunition. This weapon is obtained upon completing the quest "Radio Tower Repair".In RAGE 2 the weapon is acquired during a mission for John Marshall. It functions differently from the Combat Shotgun from RAGE having two different mode of fire.


The shotgun using buckshot can kill most mutants and unarmored enemies with 1-2 hits, and kill most armored enemies with 2–5 well placed shots. It is extremely effective when in close quarters, dealing massive damage to even the strongest enemies. If the enemies are armored, and the shot does not kill them, it has a high chance of stunning them for several seconds, making using the shotgun a very effective way of killing heavily armored enemies quickly and efficiently.

This weapon is used by virtually every faction in the entire game; even the Authority Shield Guards use this weapon loaded with pulse slugs.

Unlike the Double Barrel Shotgun[1] which fires two rounds per shot, the Combat Shotgun only fires one round per shot. Upon reloading the weapon the protagonist enters the shells manually, refilling two shells at a time.


  • Buckshot: The standard spread-type ammunition type for the Combat Shotgun.
  • Pop Rockets: Explosive grenade rounds that detonate on impact.
  • Pulse Shot: EMP-charged shotgun slugs that deal more damage to armored and robotic enemies.


The only upgrade available for the Combat Shotgun is the Shotgun Extender. It adds a box magazine for faster reloading. It is available for purchase for $250 from Coffer's "Outfitters" in Wellspring and from "Jani's Supplies" in Subway Town later on.

Weapon Profile[]

Damage: 3

Range: 1

Accuracy: 2

Rate of Fire: 2

Magazine Capacity: 2

Field Notes[]

The Combat Shotgun is your go-to weapon for close quarter engagements, ideal for blasting mutants and bandits alike. This weapon is acquired from Rikter Outrigger as a reward for fixing the Radio Tower. The shotgun fires automatically by simply holding down the trigger. However, due to the intense recoil, it's best to let the weapon settle before firing a follow-up shot. In its standard configuration, the Combat Shotgun is fed by an internal tube magazine that must be loaded two shells at a time, making for some intense moments when you are swarmed by mutants. Purchase the Shotgun Extender - a box magazine with an 8-shell capacity- as soon as possible. Swapping out magazines is much faster than loading the weapon one shell at a time.

There are three different types of ammo available for the Combat Shotgun. The standard Buckshot is the cheapest and most common, ideal for taking out unarmored targets at close range - there is no better ammo for taking out mutants and charging bandits. Pulse Shot is a highly specialized round fitted with a small Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) charge. These rounds are great for targeting sensitive electronics, such as those found in Sentry Bots or the energy shields carried by some enforcers. However, they don't produce enough EMP to take out Authority generators - you'll need EMP grenades to do that. Pop Rockets are another specialized ammo, essentially converting the weapon into a grenade launcher. These explosive rounds detonate upon contact with any target or surface, capable of vaporizing most enemies and leaving nothing behind but a red mist. They make for an excellent, cost-effective munition against bigger enemies.


  • The Combat Shotgun is one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the game and, coupled with the fact it is obtained relatively early in the story, it is usually one of the most frequently used weapons in the player's arsenal.
  • The shotgun is clearly a semi-automatic model as the protagonist is never seen pumping the action. This is especially noticeable with the Extender upgrade.

Rage 2[]

The Combat Shotgun returns from the first game in Rage 2, but is now pump-action instead of semi-auto. It's alt fire turns its shot into a concussion slug when you aim down sights, so players can choose between close range power or mid range precision.


  • While using the iron sights, the player can see the Quake logo.
  • The shotgun has a resemblance to the combat shotgun used in Quake 4, another game made by id Software. There is also the similarity that the two weapons gain the same upgrade. It is unknown whether these weapons look alike due to a reference of Quake or plain coincidence.
  • The Combat Shotgun, along with the Rocket Launcher, appear to be Authority weapons as they appear similar in style to the Authority Machine Gun and Authority Pulse Cannon.


  1. The Double Barrel Shotgun is the Anarchy Edition / Campaign Edition bonus content.