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Combat Scenario Selection is a mode featured in RAGE. This mode allows players to revisit previously completed missions from RAGE, as well from RAGE: The Scorchers.

This mode is only available through purchase of RAGE: The Scorchers DLC.


Combat Scenario Selection mode can be accessed from the main menu. From here, players can replay any of the main missions from RAGE and The Scorchers. If the player hasn't completed a mission, it won't be available to play through. 

Once a scenario has been selected, a variety of Loadouts can be chosen from. These Loadouts all contain different goodies (e.g. weapons, equipment, etc.). These loadouts all pertain to a certain play-style. 

Note that any equipment gained during the campaign of RAGE won't be present in this mode. This emphasizes the importance of choosing the right loadout. Also, all Loadouts will not be available for the same scenario.



  • This mode doesn't include any of the Wasteland Sewer Missions.
    • Additionally, the mode doesn't support any side missions either.
  • The Nail Gun from The Scorchers DLC doesn't appear in this mode.
  • The mode lacks co-op support, so it is strictly a single player experience.