Janus Outrigger
It's on the sofa

Janus Outrigger is one of the 54 Collector Cards in RAGE to be played in the minigame Rage Frenzy.


The card is located in the Outrigger Settlement on a sofa facing Janus.

Important: Be sure to collect this card before the settlement is closed.

Jetter Jump Exploit[]

Tip: There is a way to retrieve the card even after the settlement is closed. Boosting the Jetter up the makeshift rock ramp to the right of the spiked gate should cause the Nicholas Raine to die and, if done correctly, respawn standing on top of the gate itself. Now with some careful jumping it should eventually bug the player to the other side where they are free to collect the card. The player must have at least $150 with them at the time, as the only way out again is to call in a tow.

See the video below for details.


There is another possible way this collector card can be accessed, however it cannot be accessed normally through the standard campaign. You must either have the Sewers DLC or Scorches DLC (or both), however it is still unknown how the cards appear or why. In the Outfitters shop, the card will be available (along with the Large Mutant Collector Card), though it is unknown if the other vendors will also sell it.