Bobbleheads are the collectible items found in RAGE. They can be found in several locations throughout the Wasteland.

The collectible bobbleheads have no use in the game and only can be sold to vendors for $150.

Image Name Location Price Description
Foultboy-head.png Vault Boy Bobblehead Wellspring $150 Very rare promotional Vault-Tec item.
Blakebobblheadicon.png Blake Bobble Head Subway Town $150 He's in RAGE!
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Doom Marine Bobblehead Gearhead Vault $150 Very rare promotional id Tech item.


There are three bobbleheads that have been found in the world of RAGE.

  • The Vault Boy Bobblehead can be found on Mayor Clayton's desk in Wellspring during the quest "Dan's Message". This is an obvious reference to the game Fallout 3, in which bobbleheads can also be collected. More specifically, it seems to be a reference to the Strength bobblehead, located on a desk in Mayor Lucas Simms' house.
  • The Blake Bobble Head can be found on Mayor Redstone's desk in Subway Town. This obvious reference to the real-world person, Blake Griffin, and can be obtained upon first arriving to Subway Town with the quest "Subway Town".
  • The Doom Marine Bobblehead can be found in the Gearhead Vault. This obvious reference to the Doom game series can be obtained in the secret Doom room located in the Gearhead Vault that will become available upon receiving the quest "Gearhead Vault". A copy of it can also be seen in Dan Hagar's Dune Buster during the Prologue.
  • In the late stages of RAGE's production, a trailer was released featuring Blake Griffin, then NBA Rookie of the Year, camping outside of id Software to convince them to put him in RAGE. His bobblehead is the result of him asking to be put into the game, with the developers wanting something like this as well.