I have some of the finest goods.
Coffer to Nicholas Raine.

Coffer is a minor character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Wellspring and proprietor of the general store Outfitters.



Nothing is known of Coffer's early life, though he speaks with a noticeable accent. He is a resident of Wellspring, and runs the Outfitters supply store.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, when Nicholas Raine first arrives in Wellspring and meets with Mayor Clayton, he is ordered to dispose of his Ark Suit and purchase a new outfit from Coffer.

Following this, he offers to buy and sell supplies and ammunition. He also sells vehicle ammunition as well as several schematics needed to craft new engineering items.

Associated quests[]



  • He was voiced by Keone Young, who also provided the voice of Norbu.
  • Coffer is the first vendor to offer ammunition for the Raine's vehicle, both the rocket launchers and miniguns ammo, as well as vehicle quick-use items such as mines.
  • Coffer was originally featured in the id Tech 5 demonstration at the WWDC conference in 2007. This makes him the first RAGE character to be shown to the public.
  • The very first interior area in RAGE presentation to be shown was Coffer's workshop. The shop itself was probably not very different to the shop he owns in the final game, but what was shown on the outside of his boutique was considerably different. For example, the shop was not in Wellspring at all, but rather is was near a race grid. Also it was high up inside a cliff so one would have had to have climbed up a staircase to reach him. In the tech demo, Coffer was seen to be having a conversation, about what is up for debate. Other noticeable differences were a lack of a Sentry Bot in the right hand corner in his shop (player's perspective), his animations were different, and in the QuakeCon 2007, it showed Coffer with a very different voice than his voice in the final game. In fact, the voice in the presentation demo belongs to Kenneth Scott, a concept artist working on RAGE.
  • After the latest patch Coffer will sell any missable cards in the game. 
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