Heh heh - Good luck. Scorchers love visitors.
Clive to the Nicholas Raine before his assault on the Scorcher Base.

Clive is a character featured in The Scorchers downloadable content pack for RAGE. He is a resident of Wellspring and the owner of the Jackpots casino.



Little is known of Clive's early life. He was once a member of the Scorchers, a bandit clan active in the Northern Wasteland, but chose to abandon the gang sometime prior to 2135. In an effort to hide from his former bandit clan, Clive settled in Wellspring and later opened Jackpots casino, where he employs Lili to run the Roly-Poly minigame.

Events of RAGE: The Scorchers[]

Clive is first encountered during the "Scorched Refinement" quest, after Nicholas Raine clears out the Refinery of Scorchers and makes his way to Wellspring to rendezvous with Sarah, a bounty hunter assisting him in bringing down the bandit clan.

Clive being threatened by Sarah, while Lili watches.

Upon arriving at Jackpots, Nicholas discovers Sarah violently threatening Clive for information on the Scorchers. She explains to Nicholas that Clive had once been a member of the bandit clan, but left the life and was forced to hide out in Wellspring. Clive tells Sarah that he is more afraid of the Scorchers than he is of her, and that if she wants his assistance, he needs a ticket out of town. At Clive's suggestion, Nicholas makes his way to the Mutant Bash TV studio and makes an arrangement with J.K. Stiles; Raine will participate in the Bash Canyon challenge in return for a ticket to Oasis.

When Raine returns with the ticket, Clive explains that the refinery can be accessed through the Wellspring Tunnels, and reveals a secret entrance into the tunnels from his casino. Clive then presumably departs for Oasis, and is not encountered again following this encounter.




  • If The Scorchers downloadable content pack is not installed, then Clive does not appear in the base game of RAGE, and his casino is closed.
    • Olive, another resident of Wellspring, will inform Nicholas that Jackpots was closed by the Authority prior to his arrival.
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