Mayor Clayton is a supporting character featured in RAGE. He is the mayor of Wellspring, a growing community in the Wasteland.



Little is known of Clayton's early life, not even his given name. According to some of Wellspring's residents, he is the founder of their community. Sometime around 2130, he fathered a son, Klegg Clayton.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, when Nicholas Raine first arrives in Wellspring, he is directed by Mick to meet with the Mayor as well as Sheriff Black. Meeting with Mayor Clayton, he tells Raine that he must change out of his Ark suit as it will attract the attention of the Authority,.

Once Raine has purchased new clothes from Coffer at Outfitters, the Mayor asks Raine to rent space at Mick's Garage, in order to get his Dune Buster out of the way of the main gate.

Later, the Mayor informs Raine that the Shrouded Clan, a gang of bandits, have set up a mining rig at a nearby crater, where they are attempting to extract feltrite. Clayton tasks Raine with clearing out the rig and taking an ore sample, before requesting that he take the sample to Doctor Anton Kvasir for study.

When the Authority occupies the town, the Mayor's office is locked down and he is nowhere to be found. According to dialogue from other residents, he was taken into custody by Enforcers.

Events of RAGE 2[]

Sometime prior to 2165, Mayor Clayton died. His son Klegg desired the position of Mayor, however it was now held by Loosum Hagar. Klegg made a deal with General Martin Cross of the Authority in an effort to take over Wellspring, but was eventually betrayed by his new masters and killed, apparently ending Clayton's family line.

Associated quests[]



  • In the novel he is hinted as being incredibly corrupt, although this is not featured in the game. In fact, the residents of Wellspring have nothing bad to say about him, he pays promptly for good work, gives Nicholas a free apartment, holds town hall meetings to collect citizen input on decisions, protects Nicholas from the Authority, forges ties to both Kvasir and the local settlements with no expectation of payment, and encourages local businesses.
  • On the Bethesda website, it is said that Clayton is now the "Mayor of being dead," but his "corrupt-as-hell son" Klegg Clayton will be making an appearance in RAGE 2.
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