"Changing Clothes" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Mayor Clayton in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Dan's Message".


You need to lose the Ark Suit for something that helps you fit in better.

You'll bring the Authority sniffing around if someone reports and you don't want that. Go see Coffer, the vendor in town. I'll send word to have some Outfits ready for you.

Come back and see me once you blend in a bit more.


  • Get some new Armor from Coffer, the Outfitter
    • Find the "Outfitters" in Wellspring
    • Choose some Armor
    • Return to Mayor Clayton


Rage Changing Clothes comment.jpg

Mayor Clayton acknowledges that Nicholas Raine is an Ark Survivor and proposes to immediately change clothes in order to avoid getting recognized by the Authority. There is a shortcut to the promenade nearby, a passage to the right of the "Second Chance" entrance. The player can listen to Ginny's comments if they like to, find Coffer inside the shop and check the selection.

There are three basic outfits available — Wastelander, Roughneck and Fabricator. Each of them has specific benefits — e.g. when wearing the Wastelander outfit, Nicholas gains a 5% discount on all cash purchases, — and it's up to the player to choose which one suits you more. If the player has the Anarchy or Campaign edition of the game, they can also select the fourth outfit, the Crimson Elite armor that combines all the benefits of the three standard armors.

Suit types[]

Wastelander armor Roughneck armor Fabricator armor Crimson Elite armor
Wastelander Roughneck Fabricator Crimson Elite