"Caravan Cover" is a Job Board quest in RAGE acquired by the protagonist from the Job Board in Wellspring. It is available after completing the side quest "Mutant Menace".


Supplies are ready for delivery to Gun Barrel across the Wasteland.
The most dangerous part of the trip to Gun Barrel is the area right outside of Wellspring. We need Sniper Cover to ensure the Caravan makes it out of the area. If you accept, the job begins immediately.
Payment will be made once the Caravan has left the area.


  • Protect the Caravan as it heads out from Wellspring


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As with other sniper quests, you're in a nest shooting down at Wasted Clan bandits that will drive in to attack the caravan. They will appear in waves of two buggies at a time with two to three clansmen per vehicle. Take them down via the Sniper Rifle and wait for the caravan to advance.

After the next wave of bandits appear, take them down and wait until the enemy RC Bomb Cars begin to appear. Five will appear and will cause heavy damage to the Caravan vehicle, so be sure to take them out.

After dispatching the Bomb Cars, Wasted clansmen will appear on the highway and ramps. Take them out and the caravan will proceed.

As long the caravan vehicle is operational and at least one guard survives, the quest completes.


  • Sometimes one of the bandit vehicles advances to the caravan guards' position and rams the two of them during the first encounter, making the last guard an easy prey. It's barely possible to succeed after that happens.