Looming over the Wasteland, Capital Prime is the center of the Authority. As they attempt to spread their control outward, this compound is the source from which their tyranny emanates. The key to reclaiming the Wasteland lies in infiltrating this stronghold, although none have ever been so daring as to attempt it.

Capital Prime is a location featured in RAGE which is the Authority's main base of operations. Any Ark Survivors that have been captured by the Authority are taken here for the Authority's twisted experiments. It is later found out that the Authority has managed to turn mutants into a type of weapon and has an entire army of them stationed here.

This is most likely the location of the "Super Ark" the Visionary was in. He has set up this place as a strategical advantage most likely because of its remoteness to Subway Town, Wellspring, Dead City and the remains of Crescent City. Cross himself most likely used it due to the "Super Ark's" power.

As it happens, in the end Nicholas Raine will have to infiltrate this facility and insert the codes provided by the Resistance in order to trigger the emergence of the remaining Arks around the world.

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A panoramic view of the Hangar 09