"Brick's Bounty" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Brick Johnson in Subway Town. It is available after talking to Redstone and taking the quest "Foreman Jones".


I got shipments coming, and I don't want trouble on the roads!
Damn Bandits have been causing problems for my liquor suppliers. I'd pay handsomely if you took the roads and killed a few. Tell you what, you take out an Authority Predator and I'll pay you double.
For every enemy Vehicle you take out, I'll dish out some Cash and a Race Certificate.


  • Take out Bandit Vehicles for Brick


Visit the "Fez" bar in Subway Town and speak to Brick. It turns out that bandits are causing problems with Brick's liquor suppliers, "making it difficult to get the good stuff down here". Take care of his problems, and he'll reward you with some cash and Racing Certificates.



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