"Bounty Hunter" is a job board quest in RAGE acquired by the protagonist from the Job Board in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Abandoned Distillery".


There's a thief after my Blueshine Recipe!
I need someone to track him down and insure he doesn't discover my secret. I was told that he learned of my Distillery and struck out immediately. Please, someone, stop him before he ruins my profits!
If you stop him, you can take whatever you want from the Distillery.


  • Return to the Abandoned Distillery and stop the Thief
    • Get back to the Abandoned Distillery
    • Find the Thief
    • Take the Thief's Empty Jugs for yourself
    • Use the Distiller to fill the first Jug with Blueshine
    • Use the Distiller to fill the other Jug with Blueshine


Tip: See the "Abandoned Distillery" quest article for more details. Don't forget to pick up the Jack Portman card while in the caves, if you haven't already, as well as a Desert Spore not far from the distillery entrance. And see the "Dev Graffiti" article if you missed the secret room previously.
Rage Bounty Hunter distiller area.jpg

Return to the distillery. The path you used previously is now blocked, so reverse the route and use the shaft to get down. You'll find a dead body and a few mutants near the distiller, as well as two empty jugs. Repeat the last section of the "Abandoned Distillery" quest — essentially, put the empty containers in the distiller, turn the valve, and fight off the mutants. The vials of blueshine you acquire will be the reward.