Quarter past eleven is mutant o'clock

The Blue Line Station is a location in RAGE. It is found under or connected to Subway Town. What used to be a pre-impact ordinary subway station is now filled with mutants. It is believed that anyone foolish enough to enter the system of tunnels that make up the station will surely meet a bitter end. The protagonist will have to visit the station twice, first with the "Mutant Expansion" quest, and with the Job Board mission "Eviction Notice" a little later. It is also featured in the Wasteland Legends.


On the protagonist's first visit, it will be to clear the place of mutants. Lots and lots of mutants. It is advised to take plenty of Wingsticks (consider buying the upgrade at "Jani's Supplies") and lots of buckshot.

Second time it'll be full of Shrouded bandits. Lots of armor piercing and heavy ammo is recommended for these tough guys.

After clearing the Blue Line Station of both the mutant infestation and the Shrouded Clan bandits, Subway Town engineers and guards will be posted in there cleaning and repairing the area for the Subway Town expansion should the player return back to the station.

Taco stand[]

Use an EMP Grenade, Pulse Shot or Electro Bolt on this box

To open the grill at the Guacamolito near the start, use an EMP device or an Electro Bolt on the yellow box. There's a Dyno-Mutant card inside as well as a set of Feltrite Crystals and some ammo and Wingsticks.

If you missed the Taco stand the first time, and find that the area is blocked off at the end of the "Mutant Expansion" mission, you can access the stand by re-entering the station. Unfortunately, it will have been opened by the Subway Town engineers who are fixing the place up, and all the items will have gone apart from the Collector Card.