Sheriff Black is a minor character featured in RAGE. He is the town Sheriff in Wellspring and an important figure in the Northern Wasteland region.



Nothing is known of Sheriff Black's early life. He is a resident of Wellspring and serves the community as the sheriff, keeping the peace in town and protecting the settlement from local bandit clans.

In the Wasteland Legends mission "Grab and Go," Sheriff Black orders two of his men to infiltrate the Shrouded Bunker and steal the schematics for their RC Bomb Cars.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, after Nicholas Raine arrives in town, he meets with the sheriff and is tasked with acquiring a Cuprino buggy in order to deliver supplies to the northern watch tower. Afterwards, he tasks Raine with destroying bomb caches in order to stop the Shrouded Clan from using RC Bomb Cars to harass people in their territory.

After destroying the bomb caches, he thanks Raine and says that it's good having people like him around. He then tasks him with checking in on Mayor Clayton. He can thereafter be found in his office, listening to Wasteland Radio.

Later, Raine can acquire the quest "The Exchange" from the Job Board, during which he must provide sniper support as the Sheriff and several of his men meet with the Authority. The meeting takes a turn for the worse, and Raine must defend the Sheriff from several waves of Authority troops.

When the Authority occupies the town of Wellspring, the Sheriff's office is locked and Black is nowhere to be found. It's possible he was detained by the Authority. He is not heard or seen again.

Associated quests[]



  • Sheriff Black was voiced by American voice actor J. Grant Albrecht, who has also worked with id Software providing his voice for the DOOM series.
  • In the novel, Sheriff Black is a rather vicious character as he threatens to sell Nicholas Raine off to the Authority unless he entertains the people of Wellsprings by participating in Mutant Bash TV.
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