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Bandits are groups of the enemies in RAGE and RAGE 2. They are roving gangs of killers who survive the harshness of the wastes by forcibly taking from others.  In the first RAGE, there are five bandit clans featured in the base game, across both the Campaign and the Wasteland Legends co-op mode. A sixth clan, the Scorchers, was later introduced in RAGE: The Scorchers, an add-on for the original game.

In RAGE 2, several new bandit clans have been introduced, with the colorful Goons serving as a major presence in the game's marketing.


Bandit clans are groups of people who emerged about 4 years after the impact of 99942 Apophis to a world with no law and no sign of civilization. Most people turned to debauchery and anarchy as a way to survive. Robbing, raping, and kidnapping are some of these clans' hobbies. By the events of Rage, 106 years after 99942 Apophis impacts earth, these clans have turned almost tribalistic, with each clan having their own unique customs. The Ark Survivor will find these clans practically rule the Wasteland, at least in areas outside established settlements, such as Wellspring.

RAGE ClansEdit

In the two territories visited by Nicholas Raine, six different clans will be encountered, each completely different than each other, but with the common goal of banditry.


1 ghost

The Ghosts are an insane group of cannibals that occupies the old Rutherford Hotel, which is now their base of operations known as the Ghost Hideout. They're the first clan the player encounters after leaving the Ark 437a, and must fight them first during the quest "Quell the Bandit Threat". Their dwellings and vehicles are littered with decorative skulls and blood smears as signs of their victories in the Wasteland.

They have their own ways of maneuvering around with ease. They're very agile and adept at using the environment to perform jumps and other tricks to disorient enemies. They prefer close-in, hand-to-hand combat, making use of Wingsticks and bladed weapons like sickles and kitchen knives. They also use pistols and assault rifles.


4 wasted

The Wasted are a band of British-accented bandits mainly residing in the Wasted Garage located on the old Dam Facility site north of the Hagar Settlement. They're first encountered in the quest "Where's Juno" and the enemy in the quest "Find the Buggy Parts". Their gung-ho mentality means they will suicidally charge the protagonist, and they prefer hand weapons, explosives and firearms.

Not particularly adept at person-to-person fighting, they are rather good at Vehicle Combat. They retrieve any salvageable chassis they can find and outfit them with weapons and armor. Their boss uses a Monarch. It appears that they also control all the machine gun turrets found throughout the Wasteland.


2 scorcher

The Scorchers are a bandit clan that resides in the Hagar Caves and controls the Scorcher Territory. They're much like the Ghosts in the way they use environment to their advantage, but they aren't cannibals. They use improvised hand weapons, including spiked baseball bats, as well as firearms and grenades.

They worship the Apophis asteroid as a god and decorate themselves, their vehicles and their residences with images of fire and destruction. They're masters of ambush, hunting in packs and surprising their victims in the most unlikely places. The Vehicle Combat encounters with the Scorchers are usually rather challenging because they are encountered in groups, utilize aggressive tactics and use environment to maneuver.


3 shrouded

The Shrouded are a bandit clan residing in the complex known as the Shrouded Bunker. They are first introduced during the quest "Destroy the Barricade", and then battled during the "Destroy the Bomb Caches" mission. They are the most technologically advanced and intelligent bandit clan in the Northern Wasteland.

They tend to use assault rifles and grenades, and use cover frequently. They often drop ingredients as random loot when they die, so explosive kills should be avoided when possible. Their most powerful members are the Minigun and Shotgun troopers equipped with heavy body armor and weapons that are difficult to kill.


6 gearhead

The Gearheads are a Russian / Eastern European bandit clan residing mainly in the old power plant to the east of Subway Town. They are first encountered during the quest "Gearhead Vault". They are the strongest, most intelligent bandit clan in the whole Wasteland, and are best at using heavy machinery and producing energy. They control the power flow to the Eastern Wasteland, except for the Authority Territory and Capital Prime.

They are heavily armored and have the second strongest Minigun soldier, bested only by the Authority's juggernauts. Their combat preference centers around explosives and robotics, making extensive use of Sentry Bots and Turrets.


5 jackal

The Jackals are a bandit clan that resides in the Jackal Canyon south of Subway Town. They're first encountered in the quest "Ark Equipment", in which the player must make it through their domain to a recently emerged Ark. They're the second most powerful clan, bested only by the Gearheads in manpower. Being agile and tenacious of life, they wear minimal armor and are armed mainly with improvised hand weapons and crossbows. They also use a unique explosive called the Balloon Bomb.

They howl and yip, using the the canyon walls to amplify the echos of their shouts and make intruders think that there are more of them in any one spot than there really are. They surprise and swarm their foes, rushing in groups of up to six at a time.


# Clans Locations Quests Legends
1 Ghosts Ghost Hideout
Quell the Bandit Threat,
Missing Person,
Hijacked Well
2 Wasted Wasted Garage,
Wasted Territory
Where's Juno,
Radio Tower Repair,
Find the Buggy Parts,
Stolen Merchandise
Rusty's Resupply (#5)
(Wasted Garage)
3 Shrouded Shrouded Bunker Destroy the Barricade,
Destroy the Bomb Caches,
Feltrite Crater,
RC Prototype,
Eviction Notice
Water Service (#3)
Grab and Go (#8)
(Shrouded Bunker)
4 Scorchers Scorcher Territory,
The Refinery,
Hagar Caves,
Bash Canyon,
Wellspring Tunnels,
Scorcher Base
Rumbles in the Dark*,
Scorched Refinement*,
A Big Gamble*,
Ticket to Oasis*,
The Scorcher Threat*,
Scorcher Base*
5 Gearheads Gearhead Vault,
Power Plant
Gearhead Vault,
The Price of Power
Life in Prison (#1)
(Authority Prison),
A New Toy (#9)
(Gearhead Vault)
6 Jackals Jackal Canyon Ark Equipment

"*" The Scorchers DLC content.

RAGE 2 ClansEdit

Three primary factions have been depicted in the RAGE 2 Announce and Gameplay trailers, along with a more mysterious "mutant bandit clan" found in the quest "Cult of the Death God". Nonetheless, Bandit clans will be playing a huge role in the upcoming game.


The Abadon are a group of Bandits scouring the Wasteland in search of scrap to use as armor, including taking parts from vehicles. They have bright yellow eyes and, as of right now, are depicted as being heavily armored. Aside from this, however, not much is known about them.



The colorful one on the right is a Goon.

The Goons are perhaps the most prominent Bandit clan featured in RAGE 2 advertising; they are the bright-haired neon Bandits that enjoy colorful guns, sports, and mayhem. A high-ranking member of their tribe appears in the marketing boxart for the game. The Goons are formerly The Wasted clan from Rage 1.

River HogsEdit


A Riverhog from the back, as seen in the Gameplay trailer.

The vast majority of the description of the River hogs can be derived from their name. They will be encountered around rivers and in swamps, adorned with horns plucked from their hunts. The Riverhogs are a combination of the Scorchers and the Jackals when they were forced to unite together for survival. Seemingly nothing else is known about them, however.

Immortal ShroudedEdit

Immortal shroud117

Immortal Shrouded

The mysterious and techno-centric Immortal Shrouded own the Dune Sea territory. Their tactics include careful expansionism and honorable combat . The Immortal Shrouded have cloaking equipment for their members. Their electric swords that they use have the ability to deflect bullets.

Cult of the Death GodEdit


The pre-order promo for the mission they are featured in

The Cult of the Death God is a Bandit clan likely only to be encountered in the pre-order bonus quest "Cult of the Death God". They are a pack of "mutant bandits" that worship the protagonist of the first RAGE, Nicholas Raine, for his indiscriminant ability to kill hordes of Bandits, Mutants, and Authority troopers. It is unknown what Walker's interactions with them will be.


  • The Scorchers were originally planned to be in the base game of the original RAGE, as the RAGE Prima Official Game Guide goes into great detail on this clan, but they were cut from the game, leaving the players only the Vehicle Combat encounters at the Scorcher Territory. In December 2012, however, a DLC entitled RAGE: The Scorchers was released, subsequently adding this faction into the game through a parallel storyline in which the protagonist faces them in person on several occasions, in a variety of new locations.
  • The Cult of the Death God tribe featured in RAGE 2 is specifically described as being a mutant clan, pointing to the possibility of intelligent mutants.


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