"Bandit Postal" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Stanley in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Wellspring Bound".


You there, the package delivery service is looking for more drivers!
Name's Stanley, and this is Stanley Express. Just select a destination and off you go, couldn't be easier. Of course, there's a bit of time pressure. But, make the delivery on time, and I'll pay you well. Miss the time, and you get nothing. Looks like you chose the Bandit Postal route.
These parcels go to our less reputable customers.


  • Deliver the mail on time to earn your pay


Rage Bandit Postal success.jpg

After completing the quest "Wellspring Bound" the Stanley Express kiosk underneath the Sheriff Black's office will be open. Speak to Stanley, noting that he's lost a few drivers lately, and accept his offer. You will be taken to a Stanley Express Dune Buster outside Wellspring. Note: it is advised to have some racing experience before attempting the mission. There is a time limit, so consider using a combination of Boost and hard break all the time, and watch for bandits.

The Bandit Postal route is a rather simple one. There are four Stanley Express Mailboxes that you should take the packages to. Following this route, you will visit a few newly discovered locations like the Shrouded Bunker, and a well-known one, the Ghost Hideout.


  • There is an exploit of sorts that might help you if racing isn't your thing. If it seems that you're likely to fail to make the last delivery on time, but the final mailbox is in vicinity, aim the box and keep boosting. When everything's done right, after you see that "Failure" message on the screen and the car starts stopping, it still may hit the box (there should be the "delivered" sound). Take this mission again right away, and one of the packages given should be set as delivered, i.e. the numbers on the screen would read 1/4. So complete the three deliveries remaining, and you're done.