Rage BFG rounds.jpg

The BFG Rounds are an ammunition type featured in RAGE. They are used with the Authority Pulse Cannon. Their use requires a brief charge of 2-3 seconds before the discharge that deals a heavy splash damage. One round costs $191 ($190 with the Wastelander or Crimson Elite[1] armor), making it the most damaging ammo type in the game both to the enemies and the player's wallet.

When using this type of ammo, the APC can only hold one round in the magazine. Like the Pulse Cannon itself, these rounds are only available in the very late stages of the game. Right after the weapon is acquired, Jani will start selling the ammo in her "Jani's Supplies" in Subway Town, and there will be a couple of BFG Rounds in the enemy territory later on.


  • The BFG ammunition is a reference to a weapon featured in the first person shooter Doom, which was also made by id Software. "BFG" is known to stand for "Big Fucking Gun," as the Authority Pulse Cannon and the BFG 9000 are both large and powerful weapons.


  1. The Crimson Elite armor is the Anarchy / Campaign Edition bonus content.