The Authority Wars were a series of conflicts mentioned in RAGE 2.


There are not much data about this conflict, but it was mentioned often in Rage 2, and it is known than was a conflict between the Authority and the Resistance, which began in 2135 and came to an end sometime prior to 2165.

It began after Nicholas Raine made emerge all underground Arks. It appears the Resistance recruited and movilized much of the new arrived Ark Survivors and looted the Arks technology. They used it to develop new weapons, and most of the Ark Survivors, lead by Erwina Prowley, founded the Rangers of Vineland. Most people, like all the Hagar family, joined the fight independently. The young Loosum Hagar became one of the most successful fighters, eventually allying with the Rangers. Between the casualties were several Rangers. Finally, the Resistance was able to crush the Authority, with Erwina apparently killing his leader, General Cross, in one of the last battles.

After the apparent victory, the Resistance dissolved, and their leaders parted ways. The Rangers became the peacekeeper group in the Wasteland. Though some Resistance leaders suspected the Authority wasn't totally destroyed, and Cross was alive, but besides doing a secret pact to act together in that case, Project Dagger, they didn't did nothing.

Sadly, their fears were founded, and, three decades later, in 2165, the Authority returned, launching the devastating Assault on Vineland, lead by Cross itself.

Notable participants[]

The Authority[]

The Resistance[]


  • Hector and Nadia Walker.
  • Iris (assumed dead).