A view of Capitol Prime, a section of the Authority's territory.

The Authority Territory is a territory featured in RAGE. It is located within the Eastern Wasteland. It is the Authority's main territory, and the location of Capital Prime.

Not much is known of the territory, for it merely serves as a route to Capital Prime, and a location of the game's final Vehicle Jumps.

It is fairly large, making up one third of the entire Eastern Wasteland. It also provides many nooks and crannies for the Authority Predators to hide and wait for intruders. It is only accessible after Nicholas Raine destroys the Authority Security Bridge's defense.

This territory is also featured in some of the races available in Subway Town. It is also one of the maps available in the Road Rage multiplayer mode. 

Associated quests[]


  • The Authority Territory is arguably the largest controlled territory in RAGE, only possible beaten by the Gearhead Territory or the Shrouded Clan territory.
  • It has an infinite and constant spawn of vehicles