Spanning an immense distance, this bridge leads directly into the Authority's territory. Infiltration of their turf is taken as a threat, and the Authority meets any and all threats with deadly force.

The Authority Security Bridge is a location featured in RAGE. The bridge is used by the Authority to isolate the Authority Territory and Capital Prime from the rest of the Eastern Wasteland.

The bridge is only accessible after receiving the quest "Assault the Authority Bridge", otherwise it will be blocked by two barriers. At the bottom of the bridge is an Authority patrol Predator, and more will appear over a time from the nearby garage. The bridge itself is initially guarded by a small squad of troops containing at least three Shield Guards, and a dropship will bring a small squad of Authority soldiers later on.

If the player moves too close to the bridge before they receive the quest, they will be shot at by the guards, and the Authority turrets they use may prove to be a threat even for the Monarch.

Associated quests[]