The Authority Pulse Cannon, or APC for short, is a powerful energy weapon featured in RAGE. It is usually used by the Authority Elites and is only available to Nicholas Raine after the quest "Assault the Authority Bridge" which is one of the last main storyline quests in RAGE. It should be noted that being the weapon that enjoys the highest damage output and ammunition capacity in the game, this powerful gun has no modifications available, and its ammunition is quite expensive.


The Pulse Cannon fires much like a minigun with its default ammunition, but behaves in a completely different way when using the alternate ammo type. The standard Pulse Rounds are already fairly powerful and its two hundred bullet capacity per magazine makes it perfect for the protagonist to spray kill enemies easily. However, the ammo drains rather quickly, and it's recommended that players save up and purchase as much Pulse Rounds as possible from "Jani's Supplies" before embarking for one last mission. The BFG Rounds only let the protagonist fire once before reloading. When using the BFG Rounds, the player will have to hold the fire button in order to let it charge to the max before firing. It is only effective against enemy packs or tough units like the Authority Elites. When it charges to the max, it releases a huge energy wave that will destroy almost anything at close to medium range.

Ammo types[]

  • Authority Pulse Rounds — default ammo type suitable for an immediate continuous fire.
  • BFG Rounds — extremely powerful ammo type that deals heavy splash damage but requires a few seconds for charging.