On Portman's workbench

The Authority Augmenter is a quick-use item used to temporarily increase the damage Nicholas Raine inflicts in RAGE. Neither found in the Wasteland nor sold by vendors, this engineering item is only available by crafting it with the use of corresponding schematic.

Item use[]

Primarily used to increase the protagonist's damage output, the item also has another use.



  • Multiplies the protagonist's maximum weapon damage (including that done with Fists) by about ×3.5 for 60 seconds.

Other use[]

  • Can be sold to vendors for $60


This schematic can be obtained by talking to Mark Lassard in the Resistance Base in Subway Town, or found on Jack Portman's workbench. The ingredients required are:


  • The Authority Augmenter bears a strong resemblance to the Quad Damage power-up in the Quake game series also made by id Software:
    • The item image is the same symbol as the Quake III logo.
    • The power-up will do almost quadruple damage to any enemy when used.
    • When the player activates and fire it, an "alarm" sound is heard. This sound is extremely similar to the Quake series Quad Damage sound. And when the power-up has almost run out, the alarm noises sequence heard is similar to the one heard when the Quad Damage power-up begins to end in Quake.