"Assault the Authority Bridge" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Jack Portman in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Ark Equipment" and the mini quest "Talk to Portman".


Now we finally get to hit the Authority. I've been waitin' for this. You ready?
Okay it's a two-step process. First, you gotta blow the Authority Blockade near the entrance to the Ravine in the North. Once you do that, they'll know you're coming so don't waste time. Then, drive down the Ravine to the Bridge, and find the Generators, blow those to hell and you'll disable the Bridge Defenses.
Knock out the Bridge Defenses and we'll have access to Capital Prime.


  • Take out the Authority Bridge's defenses
    • Search out the Authority Blockade to the Northeast
    • Place the Explosive and Blow the Blockade
    • Take the Authority Lift at the end of the Ravine
    • Use the Explosives to destroy the first Generator
    • Use the Explosives to destroy the other Generator
    • Return to Portman in the Resistance Base


Tip: If you haven't already obtained the Monarch, now might be a good time to speak to Starky. Regardless, stock up on Shield and Armor Restore items. If you feel brave and can afford to buy a lot of quick-use items, consider scouting the Authority Territory and performing the last two Vehicle Jumps available, "Off the Dune" and "Near the Heart". This time there won't be as much resistance as the next time you visit the area, so you can find out what the place looks like and where the Authority garages are located, which may be useful during the last mission… and don't forget about the "Brick's Bounty" rewards.
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The blockade is near Jackal Canyon, and you may have already explored it, wondering where it could lead. Some mutants will be there, so run them down if you're going for the Achievement/Trophy "Roadkill". Jump out of the car to plant the bomb, drive back a little, and then run down some more mutants. Don't forget to pick up some Comet Blooms nearby, and prepare to meet your first Predator down the way. Keep moving and drive the vehicle onto the platform ahead, then leap out to hit the green button and get the lift going. Be careful when you're out of the car: a single shot from one of these tanks will kill you on foot, and there's an Authority garage nearby.

As you arrive up to the bridge, you'll meet one Authority Enforcer. A dropship will drop in two Shield Guards and another Enforcer on the right. Try to catch them in the air, or let them land and use a Mind Control Bolt which will work nicely since they're clustered together. Another dropship will shortly arrive on the left, so deal with the next squad as well, then scoop up the loot scattered around, including the Elite Guard card near the left generator, and set the explosives to power down the barrier. Soon a Predator will appear from the left. Note that it might be better to stay on the platform and shoot the Predator the very moment your Pulse Cannon locks onto it, though it's a tricky shot. They'll keep coming, so you can repeat it a few times for a bigger reward from Brick. If you feel brave and still have a decent amount of quick-use items, consider scouting the Authority Territory a little as mentioned above, otherwise drive back to Portman to pick up the mini quest "Grab the Pulse Cannon" and a nice reward.


  • After completing this quest, you won't be able to do any races in Subway Town.
  • Performing all eighteen Vehicle Jumps gets you the Achievement/Trophy "Jumper".
  • If you were thorough previously, the Elite Guard Collector Card will be the 54th, and you'll earn the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'em All".
  • You've got quite a deck now, and this is the last chance to play cards with Teague, so consider earning the Achievement/Trophy "Hardest Deck" right away.
  • After blowing the barrier the player can park the Monarch to the immediate left of the tower garage door (actually parked on the garage) with its front end facing the area where spawning Predators emerge. The player will almost instantly lock onto the exiting Authority vehicle which respawns every 23 seconds or so, and be safe from its attacks as it exits. A single shot from the Pulse Cannon will destroy it, and this is a safe way to rack up a big number of Racing Certificates and earn the Achievement/Trophy "Demolition Man" if the player isn't good at Racing or Vehicle Combat in general. Each Predator counts as two bandit vehicles (two certificates and $20) when returning to Brick.
    • Can be repeated after the quest is completed, however the spawn time on the enemy vehicles increases to 28 seconds or so.