The Assault on Vineland was a major battle fought in the Wasteland in 2165.


The Rangers were a peace keeping force in the Wastelands, created prior to the Authority's defeat in the Authority Wars and all the Arks emergence. Unknown to them, however, the Authority hasn't disappeared, only passed on the clandestinity, and their founding leader, General Martin Cross wasn't dead. During the decades, Cross planned their revenge, and three decades after their defeat, they reappeared and attacked Vineland, the Ranger's headquarters.

The Battle[]

The Authority attacked at night, launching an overwhelming force of Authority Mutants. The Wall Rats were overwhelmed and suffered heavy casualties. Two of them, Walker and his adoptive sister Lily Prowley joined the fight. After finding a Cyber Crusher on their way, which incinerated two Wall Rats with a laser shot, the Ranger Jersey, who was on the way to warn the other settlements of the attack, appeared mounting a Raptor motorbike. He threw it at the giant before jumping over him using his Nanotrite habilities, and blew his head with a grenade seconds after the mutant decapitated him. As he also had Nanotrites in his blood, Walker took his armor and Jensen's place as a Ranger. After arriving at the main entrance, Walker put himself under the orders of his adoptive mother, the Ranger's leader, Erwina Prowley, who was leading the defense and calling all troops on the main courtyard. Right then, a colossal Crusher wrest out the main door. Cross, a horrific cyborg, appeared after it, leading the assault. Showing his terrific power, he decapítated three defenders in a single attack. Walker was taken by the Giant Mutant, but Erwina took control of a defense cannon, shooting and severing the Giant's arm, liberating Walker, but that allowed a Authority Mutant to attack her, and capture her. Victorious, Cross ordered his men to take captive all the Ark Survivors, but when Erwina was brought to him, he empaled her with his blade, executing her in cold blood. Walker saw it all, and Cross and the attacking forces leaving, before losing consciensce.


The assault eliminated the rangers as a group, and left the Authority as the most advanced and powerful force in the Wasteland. Walker was left for dead, but awakened the next morning, unscathed. The Authority forces have departed, without bothering to kill or capture the remaining survivors. There were at least twenty of them, several wounded. Most were technicians or Wall Rats: the only surviving Ranger was Walker themselves, and the attackers had taken with them every other Ranger, alive or dead. However, being alone didn't stop him: swearing revenge, Walker departed for the Wastelands, and thanks to his allies of Project Dagger, finally succeeded in killing General Cross and even rescuing three more technicians captured in Vineland. They, along with Lily and the other survivors, promised to begin rebuilding Vineland.


-Erwina Prowley.

-Ranger Jersey.

-All other known Rangers except for Walker.


-The Assault on Vineland is seen in the Prologue of Rage 2, and it was the only major battle seen in all of the Rage series games.

-The Authority attacking force was exclusively composed of controlled mutants; probably not only to prevent human losses, but also because their human enforcers were very few.