"Assault Capital Prime" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by John Marshall in Subway Town. This final mission is available after completing the quest "Assault the Authority Bridge" and the mini quests "Grab the Pulse Cannon" and "Talk to Captain Marshall".


This is it, what we've been planning for so many years. Now, we hit the Authority where it hurts.
Take this Code-Cipher. You'll be able to access any Personnel Entrance near Capital Prime's main gate. Be careful, it will be heavily guarded. Once inside get to the Ark Control Center, and Upload the data from your ID Drive. That will trigger the emergence of the remaining Arks.
Mankind's future depends on you now. God speed soldier.


  • Trigger the egress of all Arks, and start the revolution!
    • Head to the Gates of Capital Prime
    • Use the Code Cipher to access the Ventilation Shaft
    • Locate Nexus Core
    • Initialize Nexus Core
    • Insert drive into the ID terminal, upload ark coordinates
    • Activate Satellite Positioning Terminal
    • Activate Coordinate Decryption Terminal
    • Activate Data Transmission Terminal


Tips: Note that this is the final mission, and once you have completed it, you cannot turn back and keep playing. So either save just before you go into the capital city or do all the side quests before attempting this mission. Be prepared to meet lots of Authority Mutants and the troops. You know how to deal with them by now, but if you want an easier ride, start spending money like never before and stock up on Authority Pulse Rounds (Jani now sells them), Authority Augmenters, Regenerative Infusions and Sentry Bots, and just tear through the level causing havoc. Note that there are the two final Vehicle Jumps in the Authority Territory past the Authority Security Bridge. Now, with the "Extended Play" option from the DLC RAGE: The Scorchers, after you finished it, you can continue playing.
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Leave Subway Town and follow the route. A Predator will be waiting for you near the bridge's start, while another stays to the right of its end. Deal with them and head on. Watch for Predators which will be all over the place once you get closer to the city wall. Clean some room, pull up to the small personnel entrance to the right of the main gates and leap out to hit the button, and you'll enter Capital Prime, abandoning your Monarch.

Progress through the ducts and into the area where there's a BFG Round on a crate. These seem to be a little too slow to charge to be useful, but you might use them instead of the Rocket Launcher. Move on, and you'll emerge in a large area with an Authority Drone that will spot you, and raise the alarm. Enjoy the view and continue around to meet some Enforcers. Deal with them and take a right where you'll see another drone escaping. You can drop a sentry bot here for a little distraction, which may let you just blast away happily. Chase it past the AV2x Rounds on the crate and you'll meet a Shield Guard and two Enforcers who you can quickly dispatch. Note that gates will pop up behind you from time to time, preventing you going back too far in this level, but there's nothing vital to pick up, so don't worry too much.

Another squad with an Elite will come from around the corner. You can pretty much stunlock the Elites by just unloading into them, so they're not really a threat with the Pulse Cannon. Head down the corridor and to the left for some ammo, then turn around where another squad is waiting. Your bot should have already engaged them, so unload and take them down quickly. There are some more Pulse Rounds on a crate, so grab those, and head to the lift. The sentry bot might struggle to follow here, so loot it if it's still active.

Once up the lift, you'll find yourself on a bridge where you'll be attacked by twelve or so Authority Mutants. Using the Authority Augmenter here will help to make short work of them. Grab the loot and proceed to press the big green button and after the system has initialized, get onto the platform which will rise up to the next section. A couple of mutants will attack, so dispatch them and head down either set of stairs to unlock the laser grid (don't forget to grab the Pulse Rounds on the right). As you head back up and through, more mutants will jump out, and there's an Enforcer around the corner for good measure.

Don't miss the ammo as you progress down this corridor, where more mutants and Enforcers lie in wait. Flick the green button to the left of the laser grid, and enter the lift. If there's your Sentry Bot around, it will refuse to get on board, so loot it, and head up to the next area.

Arriving there, you'll need to drop downstairs and hit another green button to unlock the way forward. Mutants will pop out on the left and right, take them down quickly, and then slowly head back upstairs, where you're gonna meet a pretty crazy force of mutants and Authority troops, including an Elite. Use a damage augmenter and go to town. Watch out for mutants coming from behind.

Move into the corridor. Deal with the mutants, head left for some ammo and continue back and down the corridor, and you'll meet more mutants, some Enforcers and another Elite. And then it's up in the lift to the next section.

This is the last area, so drop a couple of bots, hit the green button, and get ready for an unholy mutant swarm as you are directed to running around the area pressing different green buttons to activate various subsystems.

If you've got Pop Rockets on you, now would be a good time to load them; they turn this last bit into such a cakewalk that it may even feel a bit anticlimactic. Keep your back to the terminal you've just activated and keep firing. You might want to use an augmenter and Regenerative Infusion, just to be safe. Deploying a bot or two will help with killing them.

When they're all clear, push the final green button and enjoy the credits.


  • Completing all the 18 vehicle jumps gets you the Achievement/Trophy "Jumper".
  • Completing this quest and the game gets you the Achievement/Trophy "Obsessive Compulsive", if you were thorough.
  • Depending on the difficulty, completing this quest and the game gets you the corresponding Achievement/Trophy.