"Arming Your Buggy" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Sheriff Black in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Renting a Garage".


Let me guess. You're the stranger that Clayton says is taking the stuff to Dan's place?
I'm afraid that isn't going to happen quite so easily. No way I'm sending any supplies in an unarmed buggy. Get some firepower, and then you can take Dan's supplies. See Rusty by the track entrance. He can get you set up with some guns.
Come back and see me whenever you have some guns on your buggy.


  • Get some weapons for your Buggy
    • See Rusty by the Race Track entrance
    • Win enough Races to afford some Buggy Weapons
    • Use your Racing Certs at Rusty's to buy some Buggy Weapons
    • Return to Sheriff Black


Rage Southern Highway tips.jpg

Leave the Sheriff's office, head down the stairs, and then proceed around the corner. Take your first right, and you'll come across "Rusty's Autoparts" in the Wellspring Speedway. Speak to Rusty, and he'll explain he needs Racing Certificates to upgrade your buggy.

You're going to need to do some racing, so go speak to Jackie Weeks, who is standing nearby with a megaphone. He'll direct you to Slim, where at this point you can choose between the Dusty 8 and Southern Highway tracks and finally enter some races.

Race a little until you win at least the Rocket Launchers and maybe a new boost pack and/or engine, and then head back to Sheriff Black to finish the mission and get the next one, "Resupply Dan Hagar" that will finally let you deliver the supplies needed in the Hagar Settlement.