Ark Survivors are a type of character in RAGE. Any person who survived the impact of 99942 Apophis by going into a cryogenic sleep in an Ark for decades is considered one. Every Ark Survivor was injected with Nanotrites before the Arks were buried underground, and is capable of using a Defibrillator implant. The combination of effects produced by this precious old world tech makes Ark Survivors the hardest people to kill in the Wasteland.

Maybe for this, the Authority hunts them down. If they don't got something the Authority wants, like useful knowledge about Nanotrites, they kill them directly, like they did with Elizabeth's Cadence Ark survivors, offering high rewards to anybody than deliver them one.

Nicholas RaineEdit


Nicholas Raine, also known as the protagonist, is the silent hero in RAGE. Before the impact he was a decorated Marine and served in the U.S. Special Forces. His last mission was in Afghanistan where his brother was killed while the American forces were pulling out. He entered the Ark 437a to protect and lead his group of survivors in the future. Captain Stephen Hill, his commanding officer who had cancer and refused to enter the Ark because of it, watched over them as the Ark went underground.

After the Ark 437a emerges 106 years later, Nicholas Raine's actions depends on how the player decides to play RAGE.

Martin CrossEdit

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General Martin Cross is the main antagonist of RAGE. He and a group of supporters entered the so-called "Super Ark" capable of housing hundreds of people the night before Apophis hit, leaving the original residents to die outside. This was done with the help of James Casey, the Cross's right hand, and secured a place for themselves in the Super Ark — and the new world. Known as the Visionary, he then led the Authority and ruled the Wasteland how he saw fit.

James Casey

James CaseyEdit

Colonel James Casey was the second in command of the Authority and the Visionary's right hand. He was in charge of the forces guarding the Super Ark site in the old world, but aided Martin Cross in getting into the Super Ark in return for a spot himself.

He was the Black Cauldron Project overseer and met his death fighting a Giant Mutant created by Antonin Kvasir.

He is only mentioned in the RAGE novel written by Matthew Costello in 2011, and is never encountered nor mentioned in the game.

Antonin KvasirEdit

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Doctor Antonin Kvasir is a scientist and a Resistance member in RAGE. Once an Ark Survivor, he was tasked with creating mutants and had worked on the Black Cauldron Project, where he became the leading expert on Nanotrites and Feltrite. Soon after he understood he had done too much he met Elizabeth Cadence, an old friend of whom he worked with at the UAC, and learned that she was also forced to work for the Authority. They then escaped Dead City, leaving behind ruins of the research facility infested with the mutants. He was blinded and paralyzed from the waist down during the escape, but Elizabeth fitted him with a sight drone and helped to settle down in a long dead Ark.

It isn't easy for him to live with the knowledge of the atrocities he committed. He hides himself away in his home, surrounded by unusual traps of his own design, conducting his experiments to help the Resistance. He seems to be obsessed with Apophis, having numerous fragments of it scattered around his lab. It should be noted that he also has rather hilarious claws that carry samples from couriers to him that have minds of their own and bicker and vie over who gets to carry the said sample.

Elizabeth CadenceEdit

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Doctor Elizabeth Cadence is a mutant researcher and Nanotrites expert in RAGE. She is also featured in the graphic novel RAGE: After the Impact. Like most of the Ark Survivors, she was taken in the by the Authority troops soon after her Ark emerged. She was forced to work for the Authority on the Black Cauldron Project alongside Antonin Kvasir. Despite the fact that she obeyed, her loved ones have been killed. This, and the terrible things she learned in Dead City, made her escape from there together with Antonin Kvasir. She is first met by Nicholas Raine in "Second Chance" in Wellspring. It is revealed later on that she's became a member of the Resistance and she continues her research in Subway Town.

John MarshallEdit

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Captain John Marshall is the leader of the Resistance, the anti-Authority movement in RAGE. He, much like the protagonist, is a former soldier and was chosen to be a leader for a group of Ark Survivors in the new world.

Even before Apophis hit he had a bad feeling about Martin Cross. After Capital Prime was built and the Visionary led his associates to conducting horrible experiments on the number of settlers found in the Wasteland and the Ark Survivors they've taken from their Arks, Marshall opposed the Authority, and eventually founded the Resistance. It is unknown how he's lost his leg.

One of the major characters in the game, he plans the opposition's actions against the Authority and gives many missions to the protagonist, including "Assault Capital Prime", which is the final, and the most important mission in the game.

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