The Ark Settlements were a class of advanced towns built in the Wasteland.


The Ark Settlements were build after the end of the Authority Wars. The dozens of emerged Arks populated the Wasteland with dozens, maybe even hundreds, of Ark Survivors. These built a series of localities, probably all populated by them, with Ark technology. Some, like Greenhaven Viewpoint Base, also accepted strangers as residents. These settlements differed from the common ones because they were all new, filled with the most advanced technology, and not built with junk. However, most of these promising settlements didn't last long: one after other were falling, overrun by the Mutants during the Abadon Mutie Uprising. Toward 2165, only Vineland was known to have survived: all the others were Mutants nests and covered by jungle.

It may be noted than most were built under an ECOPod and around an Ark, probably to use the computer first ones and power source of the seconds.

List of Ark Settlements[]