"Ark Equipment" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Mark Lassard in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quests "The Price of Power" and "Gaining Influence" and the mini quest "See Lassard".


Captain heard that an Ark emerged in the Jackal Canyon!
If any Ark Survivors met the Jackals then they were dead in minutes, but their Ark's Decrypter should still be intact. It's dangerous, but we need you to go North into the Jackal Canyon, find that Ark, and recover the Decrypter.
Bring me that Decrypter and I'll be able to read the lost sectors on your ID Drive.


  • Recover the Decrypter from the Ark in Jackal Canyon
    • Locate the Jackal Canyon to the Northeast
    • Find the Ark and recover the Decrypter
    • Deliver the Decrypter to Lassard


Tip: The Jackals hit hard and have lots of ammo. Stock up on heavy hitting ammo. You'll make a lot of money from junk and there's plenty of ammo lying around, and the Jackals themselves don't drop a lot, so don't be afraid to bring the heavy ordnance and explode those guys. Advanced Wingsticks combined with the engineering perk can kill a Jackal outright, and they autoaim really effectively, so if you just want in and out, take fifty Wingsticks and you can be done in about three minutes. Assuming you want to have some fun, though, read on. Also, consider reading both Jackal Canyon and Jackal Clan.
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The hidden loot
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Once you are ready, leave Subway Town and head over to the Jackal Canyon. As a usual, you'll meet some hostile vehicles on the way, but your Monarch should be able to fend them off without trouble. Approach the destination and take left to the nearby Authority gates to pick up a Comet Bloom, then drive to the bridge and take a moment to appreciate the pretty damn good graphics. OK, enough preamble. Let's get to it.

As you enter, to your left will be the Jackal Crossbow card along with the Dynamite Bolts, so grab them now. There is also some useful loot — HE Grenades, Antiseptic Formula, Explosive Pack, and Cloth Rags — behind the nearby stone chunk, but you'll have to run-jump to get there, so make a few steps forward and to the opposite wall, and climb up. There you'll find a Night Blossom and a set of Feltrite Crystals. Now run-jump to the other side, trying to stay closer to the gates, and grab the loot.

Head up the path to meet your first Jackal. Take him in the back of the head with a bolt or a Wingstick, then continue around (ignore that gate for now) and head through the cavern to a rickety path. Two Jackal Clubs will immediately appear and charge you. You can take the first in the head while he screams and throws his hands in the air, but the second will close quickly, so be prepared for a little close combat.

Then, you have a place which is basically perfect for the Sniper Rifle. Five or six Jackal Crossbows and ARs will be on the tower, firing flaming things and shooting, so take out the gunners first as you strafe in and out of the cover. Once they're down, head under the cover of the little shack at the end of the path, where you can pick off the Crossbow guys at your leisure. Then grab the ammo, the Jackal Club card, and pull the lever. Two more Crossbows will appear in a hole in the cliff wall up high, so pick them off too, and head back to the now open gate.

You'll meet one Club immediately in the tunnel, and three more will rush you while one shoots from a distance. There's a Crossbow flinging fire your way too. Yep, the level is pretty intense. You may also notice red balloons marked with skull and crossbones in the air. These are Balloon Bombs, and they will drop explosives on you unless you shoot them out. In which case, they drop on the enemy. A much better outcome.

As you progress down this path, another Club will swing on a zipline from the left. If you're quick, you can drop him to the canyon floor below. A little further up, and there are some more Dynamite Bolts. You might notice a lot of Jackals running across various bridges. Ignore them for now and continue down the path. Watch for the exploding barrels that come, well, barreling towards you, and have fun with the three guys that appear soon afterwards. Run back down to explode the barrels on them, or just shoot them in the face.

When you make it to the little a wooden ledge, look around for two more guys to snipe. The incoming fire should reveal their locations quickly enough. Then take your first zipline across to the tower in the middle. Quickly take cover to pick off two Jackals across the canyon, and then pick up a Hook usually left by Jackals after a zipline is used. Take the zipline over again and watch for a Club across the bridge, and a Pop Rocketeer to your right. As you cross the bridge, two more Clubs will appear from the behind the shack up close, so put them down and watch for two ARs just up behind them.

Once done, head into the little shack and grab the goods, including some HE Grenades and more Dynamite Bolts. Head up to the bridge and snipe a few Crossbows down and to your left. Head across the bridge, where you'll be charged by two more Clubs. As you get back onto firm ground, there's a Night Blossom to your left. Enter the lift, and flick the switch to descend deep into the Jackal territory.

As you leave the lift, shoot barrels you see to take out some Jackals ahead. Take out the one hiding around the corner to the left near some more Dynamite Bolts, and another one who will charge you once you reveal yourself, and yet another Club who'll descend on a zipline and drop right in front of you to bring you a Hook. Have a look inside the shack where you'll find some ammo, and a fight will start.

As you round the bend towards the bridge, five Clubs will emerge from the manholes just in front of you, with three ARs charging across the bridge to back them up. Dynamite Bolts, shotguns or grenades are good here. There are lots of things you can shoot for big explosions, too. As soon as you hit the bridge, another Club along with an AR will appear too, just for good measure. There's a Krimson Aerosol can in the hut, so grab that and continue to the next bridge, where two more Jackals will appear. Take them down and move on for a moment of relative peace. And don't forget to look back and up for a magnificent view of an enormous oceanic vessel rested on the rocks above.

After you cross the bridge and enter a ravine in the rocky outcropping, look on the right side, behind the stone with white tribal markings to find another Night Blossom. As you pass the large red metal thing, shoot a few Jackals and quite a few Balloon Bombs. Expect heavy resistance all the way down. You're going to be descending a circular path with attacks from everywhere and Balloon Bombs coming from all sides. You'll need to shoot the balloons before they get to you, while taking down the Jackals that are shooting and rushing you. You'll be swapping weapons quite a lot, so let's hope you have nimble fingers. There's some loot in the various alcoves on the way down, and it's a longish slog, so take your time, and be careful. When you finally make it down, don't forget to explore the shacks (you'll need to crouch to get in) for a little bit of ammo and loot.

When you're done poking around, head into the cave ahead where you'll meet four ARs. Pop the barrel to make short work of them, watch for stragglers and then grab the two sets of Feltrite Crystals before heading into the Ark to retrieve the equipment that Lassard needs (remember him?). Activate the onboard A.I. stand to hear the President's speech once again, if you like to, otherwise push the blue screen ahead and grab the green cylinder. Head back out where a Jackal will have arrived. Kill him, and take the mechanized zipline he arrived on back up to the top, where two more Jackals await. Deal with them, and you're all clear.


  • Completing Jackal Canyon in the Campaign gets you the Achievement/Trophy "Decrypted".
  • Every Collector Card picked up counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'em All".
  • After completing this quest and leaving the Jackal Canyon, you can drive back over to the Authority gate and grab some extra Comet Bloom.