Permanently increases max health, but it tastes like ass.
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Apophis Infusion is a quick-use item used to permanently increase Nicholas Raine's max health in RAGE. Neither found in the Wasteland nor sold by vendors, this engineering item is only available by crafting it with the use of corresponding recipe.

Item use[]

Primarily used to increase the protagonist's health, the item also has another use.



  • Permanently increases the protagonist's maximum health. Each batch increases Raine's health by 10, or by 11 if the player chooses an armor with engineering bonus (Fabricator, and Crimson Elite with the Anarchy or Campaign Edition of the game).

Other use[]

  • Can be sold to vendors for $125.


The recipe can be obtained by finishing the side quest "Miracle Cure" given by Richard in "Second Chance" in Wellspring. The ingredients required are:


  • Given that there are 13 Desert Spores in RAGE, and the other items required either respawn or can eventually be bought, the maximum possible health is 160, or 166 with the engineering bonus granted by certain armors.
  • Sometimes, consuming two Apophis Infusions in quick succession will only increase the protagonist's health by 10/11, so it's recommended to wait a brief period between administering more than one.