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There several different types of ammunition featured in RAGE and RAGE: The Scorchers. Nicholas Raine is free to use any ammunition type to kill the foes he faces during the course of RAGE. It should be noted that most weapons in RAGE have more than one type of ammunition.

Ammo type Weapon Std AP/HH Expl. Area EMP Other
Authority AV2x Rounds Authority Machine Gun +
Authority MG Rounds Authority Machine Gun +
Authority Pulse Rounds Authority Pulse Cannon + +
BFG Rounds Authority Pulse Cannon + + + +
Buckshot Combat / DB shotgun + +
Dynamite Bolts Striker Crossbow + +
Electro Bolts Striker Crossbow + +
Fat Mammas Settler Pistol +
Fatboys Settler Pistol +
Feltrite AR Rounds Settlers Assault Rifle +
HE Rockets Rocket Launcher + + +
Killbursts Settler Pistol + +
Mind Control Bolts Striker Crossbow +
Nails Nailgun +
Pistol Rounds Settler Pistol +
Pop Rockets Combat / DB shotgun + + +
Pulse Shot Combat / DB shotgun + +
Railgun Slug Nailgun + +
Rebar Nailgun +
Sniper Rounds Sniper Rifle + +
Steel AR Rounds Settlers Assault Rifle +
Steel-tipped Bolts Striker Crossbow + +
Viper Rockets Rocket Launcher + + +