“Increases your max health for 60 seconds.”
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Adrenaline Overdrive is a quick-use item used to temporarily increase Nicholas Raine's max health in RAGE. Neither found in the Wasteland nor sold by vendors, this engineering item is only available by crafting it with the use of corresponding recipe.

Item useEdit

Primarily used to increase the protagonist's health, the item also has another use.


  • (Result of the schematic)


  • Increases the protagonist's maximum health for 60 seconds.

Other useEdit

  • Can be sold to vendors for $60.


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This recipe is a quest reward for the completion of side mission "Mutant Alert" given by Ramos Outrigger in the Outrigger Settlement. The ingredients required are:


  • While it can be sold, the players will get more money if they sell its standalone ingredients, and so it would be wise to craft this item only when intended to use it.
  • Even if you sell it, the money isn't worth your life.
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