"Abandoned Distillery" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Dietrich in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Mutant Expansion".


I've encountered some challenges at my Distillery.
Every time I turn on my machines, Muties hear the noise and come running. The job is easy, find my Empty Bottles and use my machine to fill them with Blueshine. The hard part is surviving long enough to collect the bottles. You'll find a Cave just off the bridge out of Subway town. The Cave leads to the back entrance of the Abandoned Distillery.
Bring back two bottles of Blueshine and I'll give you something very valuable.


  • Distill two bottles of Blueshine for Dietrich
    • Use the cave path to reach the Abandoned Distillery
    • Find the Distillery Room
    • Grab the Empty Chemical Jugs
    • Use the Distiller to fill the first Jug with Blueshine
    • Use the Distiller to fill the second Jug with Blueshine
    • Take the Jugs of Blueshine to Dietrich


Rage Abandoned Distillery Gabe.jpg
The Desert Spore on the way to the distillery entrance
To shoot or not to shoot…
Shoot the electrical box to open the door
Rage Abandoned Distillery mutants.jpg
Rage Abandoned Distillery Dev Graffiti valve.jpg
Rage Abandoned Distillery the distiller.jpg
Rage Abandoned Distillery mutants attack.jpg
Rage Abandoned Distillery sentry turrets.jpg
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Once you complete the "Mutant Expansion" quest and head up the stairs to the Redstone's office, Gabe will tell you that his business partner, Dietrich, has a job for you. Find Dietrich in his office behind "Jani's Supplies" and speak to him. Apparently Dietrich has some problems at an abandoned distillery he uses to make some Blueshine. He will ask you to go there and start the machinery to fill a few empty bottles with Blueshine.

Leave Subway Town on foot. Pick up a Desert Spore under the bridge on the way to the Blue Line Station, if you haven't already, and head for the caves to the right. Don't forget to pick up the Jack Portman card when in the caves. Once you leave the caves, head to the distillery and pick up a Desert Spore to your left, near a Mixom barrel.

Once inside, you'll find a locked door, and conveniently, there is a Lock Grinder in the office just to the right, along with some loot, and a passage under the ceiling that you could use to save the lock grinder. Whichever path you choose, loot the small room where the passage leads. Except for an oil can and a Paint Can some way further, there is nothing of interest in the next room, so use the hole in the floor to leave the area.

Before you leave the pipe, note the mutant far ahead. Get down and all the way to the right, to a yellow electrical box. If you've dispatched the mutant, consider staying there until you're done with two small waves of mutants, if not, there will be no mutants coming for now and you're gonna meet them later when you proceed further. Send an Electro Bolt to the box to open a nearby door. There is a Sentry Turret, RC Bomb Car, some ammo and minor loot behind it, as well as bodies of a mutant and a human. Note that the mutant corpse didn't disintegrate as it usually happens to them.

Follow the route to the next room. When you're at the entrance, a few mutants will rush you. After you've dealt with them, look to the left of the steps, towards the area that dead-ends with a boarded over doorway. On the right side wall, you'll see a box with six barrels (5 standing, 1 knocked over) by it. Melee the box to find some Feltrite Crystals within. Now you can pick up the multiple loot items in the area up the steps and head up the winding staircase. Pick up a Gas Can, some Canned Milk and head all the way right for some minor loot and a few mutants. There is a suitcase down and to the left, as well as another intact mutant corpse. Under the platform with the mutant corpse, one of the breakable boxes contains Bandages. Continue forward, watch some mutants climbing up for a moment and get down to the room with some big stills. That's where the mission's first decent fight will happen.

Deal with the mutants, pick up some minor loot in the room to the right and head down to find some more loot and a valve that unlocks the Dev Graffiti room. Use the valve and head up the ladder. You'll see a passage to the right, so duck and use it to get inside the Dev Graffiti room. Note the makeshift id Software logo ahead in the center of the room. Once done sightseeing, leave the room and use two ladders to climb up the still No.5. Follow the makeshift route and be prepared to fight some mutants. It is recommended that you fight these mutants from the stable platforms you will encounter between the makeshift portions, as if you fall or are knocked down you will be killed. Once you reach the end and drop down, there will be a few more that will come through a locked door far ahead. Head through the doorway, shoot a mutant and jump down the hole he came from, and you'll see the destination point ahead.

Head up the stairs to get a mission update and pick up some loot. Grab the jugs, get your weapons ready and use the valve to start the distiller and wake up all the mutants around. The major part of them will climb up from below, but some use the stairs, so keep looking around. Note that this is a very good place to put the Sentry Turret you've found, and perhaps one more, even if you aren't chasing the Achievement/Trophy "Keep 'em Coming". Once the distiller finishes the job, the mutants will be gone, so grab the Blueshine jug and repeat the process with the last empty jug. When you pick up the second full jug, a nearby gate will open slowly and a few more mutants will come through. Once done with them, head through the passage, use a barrel and some boxes to get to the ladder in the shaft and climb up, to find yourself at the distillery's entrance.

Return to Dietrich to complete the quest. At this point, the "Bounty Hunter" mission will appear on the Job Board — which is to return to the Abandoned Distillery and repeat the final scene for two Vials of Blueshine.