A Proposition is a Job Board quest in RAGE acquired by the protagonist from the Job Board in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Destroy the Bomb Caches".


I've got a business proposition involving a rare Engineering Schematic.
I live West of Wellspring in the Hagar Settlement. Come pay me a visit if you're interested. Oh, and you'd better not be afraid of kicking some Bandit butt, because this job won't be easy.
Visit Phallinx Hagar if you're interested in a rare Engineering Schematic.


  • Talk with Phallinx at the Hagar Settlement about his proposition
    • Drive over to the Hagar Settlement
    • Speak with Phallinx about the Job Posting


Rage A minigun nest.jpg
Rage Phallinx proposing.jpg

Once you complete the quest "Destroy the Bomb Caches" for Sheriff Black, check the local Job Board. This quest will be available.

Drive to the Hagar Settlement. There might be a Minigun nest on your way to the settlement, and you're likely to meet a few bandit vehicles which will allow you to complete "Sally's Bounty" quest once again and gain some practice in Vehicle Combat. Once done, pass the destroyed barricade and enter the settlement.

It turns out that Phallinx had heard the story about how you went up against the Shrouded Clan with their own remote controlled bombs, and he might have a way to make those bombs more powerful. When you accept the mission "RC Prototype", the current quest will be completed.