"A Big Gamble" is a quest in RAGE, and is a part of The Scorchers job path. It is available after completing Scorched Refinement.


Meet me in Wellspring with anything you can find on The Scorchers.
I've got a guy at Jackpots who might know something.


  • Meet up with Sarah at Jackpots in Wellspring.


After retrieving the plans for Firestorm, exit The Refinery. From here, head to your vehicle. Hop in, and make your way towards the Hagar Settlement. Once you've entered Hagar territory, head through the destroyed blockade. Keep driving Northeast until you reach Wellspring. From here, enter town.

To get to Jackpots, head towards the Second Chance Bar. Directly to the right of the enterance is the Jackpots sign. Olive will nearby, for reference. Head past the sign, and into the door. Inside, you'll find Sarah interrogating Clive, a former Scorcher. Give Sarah the plans for Firestorm, and the quest will be completed.


The blocked screen.

  • Until the player has proceeded through enough quests to gain access to Wellspring, this quest will be blocked.