Apophis, the great god of chaos, raised his mighty hand and the just, and unjust felt his wrath.
'Humanity is no more, A just end to thousands of years of exploitation,destruction and war. We deserve this fate. As in all things, nature will exact her revenge without a thought, and with devastating consequences
RAGE Comics Issue #1

99942 "Apophis" or Apophis for short, was a gigantic meteorite that crashed into Earth in December 2029, destroying most of human civilization and changing the face of the planet.

According to the RAGE novel and the introduction cinematic of the game, Apophis grazed the Moon before hitting Earth, breaking into three large fragments and numerous smaller ones each "veering in slightly different directions." As a result of this, humanity wasn't completely wiped out as previously predicted. Thus, by 2112, Ark Survivors weren't the only survivors settling the Wasteland. The Feltrite Crater is the result of a fragment of the meteorite hitting Earth. As Apophis contained a vast reserve of Feltrite inside it and since Feltrite reacts to gravity immensely, Feltrite may be what triggered Apophis to veer out of the predicted projection and into a collision course with Earth.


  • Apophis contained one of the richest deposits of Feltrite in the universe. Some characters, such as Antonin Kvasir, suspect that this material may have had something to do with the creation of the mutants and mutated plants.
  • It is worshipped by the Scorchers as a god.
  • By the events of RAGE 2, only 80% of the human population remained in the aftermath of Apophis's initial contact.


  • 99942 Apophis is a real-life asteroid and was discovered in 2004. This asteroid is projected to pass Earth in 2029.
  • When this asteroid was originally discovered, specialists predicted that it had a 1 in 37 probability of impact in 2029, which could possibly be why id Software chose that time for it to strike in-game. The probability of an impact in 2029 or 2036 was eliminated after further observations.
  • Apophis is the Greek name for Apep, the Egyptian god of darkness and chaos. The asteroid was named Apophis after the long-running villain posing as Apophis in Stargate SG-1 by the two astronomers who discovered it.
  • The diameter of the real-life asteroid 99942 Apophis is only 370 m or 1,080 ft, and as deadly as it might be, it is still rather small. The video in the beginning of the game shows us a much bigger asteroid, likely larger than the one that killed off the dinosaurs, which is especially noticeable when the in-game Apophis grazes the Moon.
  • If the real-life Apophis were to collide with the Earth, it would cause damage to an area of thousands of square meters, but would not be large enough to cause any long-term global effects such as those depicted in RAGE.
  • Judging by the opening cutscene, Apophis probably crash-landed in the Middle East with the energy of 1 Billion Megatons of TNT.


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